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August 17, 2021

Barranco Blanco Route

Barranco Blanco Route

Barranco Blanco Route; It is a place that is located near Alhaurín and Coín in Andalusia, Malaga. Its waters come from Sierra Blanca through the subsoil of carbonate rocks.

Access is possible by the Coín road that runs to Mijas and Fuengirola, through the Puerto de los Pescadores. And when we get to kilometer 4,100 we will turn right along a forest track that we will find a watchtower on the road where there are stretches of asphalt and others of dirt for 2.5 km; and from there we will be 200 meters from the Alaminos river bridge.

Barranco Blanco

Barranco Blanco

The río Alaminos It rises to the north of Sierra Negra (part of the Sierra Alpujata), between the municipalities of Coín and Monda, with a course abruptly embedded between the gray-bluish dolomitic marbles of Cerro Alaminos, and the peridotites and gneisses of the Charco area. Hell. The channel runs over an altitude of 208 meters above sea level, with a sinuous and meandering path that curves according to the hardness of the terrain and the structural traces of the geology.

Barranco Blanco goes back with its sinuous bed with different pools where abundant water gushes out. On both sides of the ravine there is a small path made by the footsteps of passers-by.

It has an access without difficulty having a very high landscape value. Its narrow ways of reeds and trees that limit the Barranco.

Metamorphic rocks like banded marbles, gneisses, schists and quartzites, and ultramafic plutonic materials of peridotites can be observed from the northern slope of the Sierra Alpujata

The hydrographic divide to the west is with the Pereilas River, which flows towards the Grande River, and the Alaminos in turn to the southeast with the Pasadas River, a tributary of the Fuengirola River.


Barranco Blanco Route

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